• Random Fun Facts

    1. You can stand inside the organ while it is being played.
    2. There is an actual set of chimes installed in the organ.
    3. The smallest pipe is the size of a pencil.
    4. Midmer-Losh was known for extending the length of some manuals; the lowest manual on this organ is extended by two octaves.
    5. A separate unit plays like a xylophone, but sounds like a harp downstairs.
    6. A list of donors of the original organ and 1999 reconditioning are in the church’s vestibule. Maybe a family member is on the list!
    7. Two of the three keyboards lift up at a sharp angle so as to facilitate occasional repairs.
    8. There are only three known compact disc recordings featuring this organ.
    9. Most facade pipes are operational, with the exception of the four groups of three smaller pipes, which were added to complete the aesthetic beauty of the organ’s appearance.
    10. The facade pipes were designed in harmony with the stained glass window behind it, showcasing saints known for their musical contributions.
Letter to Parishioners